Active Zone Kids

Miss Lisa
Owner and Teacher


Read what parents have to say about their experience with Active Zone Kids Preschool in Eagle, Idaho:

"I love hearing about the fun and exciting activities my daughter has been up to each day through Lisa's daily emails and photos. I am constantly amazed at Lisa's ability to integrate academics, creativity and fun into her curriculum! Our daughter gets so excited for preschool and has learned so much."
~ Megan

"My son's current teachers told me that he is way ahead of the other students. I have Lisa to thank for that!!!!"
~ Kathy

"Miss Lisa is amazing! I love the program she runs. The kids are constantly stimulated and learning things the whole time they are there. She takes care in planning each lesson and I watched my daughter grow and develop much faster then if she were at a daycare center. It's too bad Miss Lisa isn't a full time facility. I had to leave to go back to work and we really miss her program."

"My grandson has attended Active Zone Preschool for the past nine months. Miss Lisa has done a wonderful job of teaching him and preparing him for Kindergarten. I especially liked the small class size and the daily e-mails with photos. And, Lisa's creativity in selecting the daily activities is amazing! I highly recommend Miss Lisa and Active Zone Preschool for anyone searching for preschool."
~ Valerie

"After touring several preschools in Eagle, we visited Lisa at Active Zone. Within minutes I knew that it was (finally) what I had been looking for. Lisa's calm, open demeanor, and organized, fun, EDUCATIONAL curriculum were exactly what I had been hoping to find everywhere. I would absolutely recommend her to friends and neighbors."
~ Angela

"Lisa's lessons are very thoughtfully prepared so that every aspect correlates to the theme of the lesson. Not only do the students work on language, reading and writing skills but they also work on physical fitness and coordination. My daughter very much enjoyed school with Lisa and was so proud of all that she was learning. As a teacher, I can really appreciate and understand how much time she spends making sure everything correlates."
~ Tara

"Our daughter is a little sponge and is very excited about learning. We have a special spot in her room that we hang all her work from class! She loves it!"
~ Janene

"We've been fortunate enough to have Miss Lisa teach our little guy this year! He's learned an incredible amount in a fun and loving environment. He lights up when he shows us his work each day. We love the fact that Lisa adds structured, physical activity for the kids. He's been introduced to various sports. She is completely hands on teaching them the skill for the day, taking turns, and sharing. Lisa is great with communication. We receive emails that explain in detail, what the children learned that day. She even adds pictures of them doing their daily preschool work/activity. It's fun to get a glimpse of what they did, so we can talk about his day on the way home. Miss Lisa is amazing with the kids! She nurtures and has a real connection with each of them."

Emails from Parents

"We really appreciate everything you do with our son! He is learning so much and enjoys seeing you every week."
~ Christen

"Thank you again for sending pictures each day Lisa. I love seeing our little man so engaged. He is excited every morning it is a 'school day'!"
~ Dane

"Thank you for all that you do for our daughter, it is so fun to see how much she is learning."
~ Kimberly

"Thanks for always making preschool SO fun! Our son absolutely loves his time with you!"
~ Katy

"Thank you so much for providing such a neat program for our children! Your time is greatly appreciated!"
~ Gisela

"The playdough watermelon was such a neat idea!! I have never seen anything like that...awesome Lisa!!! You do such a great job with the kiddos and take such time preparing their curriculum."
~ Lori

"Thank you for the incredible instruction and invaluable learning experience that our four-year-old grandson received during this past school year. My wife and I absolutely were stunned at the quantum of information conveyed to him and your ability to help him understand and retain it. Getting through the entire alphabet and counting to 50 just seem unthinkable for our grandson a year ago. And his exposure to science, weather, art, 24 hour clock, nature and language position him well for kindergarten starting this fall. Finally, your afternoon email summary of the morning's events kept us well informed of everything going on in his life at school. Thank you so much."
~ Bryant